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  • PostInfo
    Links to postal code sources by country.
  • ZipAddress
    Find Zip+4 by address or addresses by Zip+4 or 5-digit Zip.


Large Email/Phone book Directories

We are proud of the fact that (powered by Inktomi like HotBot and MSN) found us worthy to distinguish our directory as one of the most popular LiveDirectory sites in its category! We were independently reviewed by their Editors and placed in the Top Web Sites section of our topic.

These are the really big directories and they pride themselves on their completeness. They are all excellent places to begin your searching.

All area codes Area codes for everywhere

Four11 Directory Services

InfoSpace offers email addresses, business listings, reverse look-ups and more.

Search for email addresses, phone numbers and yellow pages.

Directory of toll-free numbers (800 and 888), with several hundred thousand listings.

Telnet to Net Find (this is Great) Log in as *netfind*

MESA, MetaEmailSearchAgent
Queries 8 large directories and combines the results.

A search engine that allows you to pick which search engines are queried from a list of engines.

Switchboard offers look ups as well as Bulletin Boards by State.

World Email Directory
Claims to contain over 18 million email addresses.

Reverse White & Yellow Phone Directory

Reverse Phone Look Up by Address Just that ;}

Look-ups but doesn't seem to allow narrowing down by state right now. Search email, phone, street address and the web.

Unlisted Phone Numbers
Unlisted Phone numbers are not free anywhere on or off the web.
This is a professional fee-based site offering this service.

NEW! Remote PC Spy - AOL/Yahoo! Email Spy!
This is NEW - August 2001 and you absolutely HAVE to see this.
It is the only one of its kind.

Reverse Email Look-Up : Enter Email Address to Get a Name
Internet Address Finder

Phone Number Insta-Search

First Name

Last Name (required)



Reverse Telephone Directory

Where ALL your telephone number directory searching needs are met!

Unlisted Telephone Numbers

Reverse *any* phone number

Disconnected Phone Search

InfoSpace Reverse it!
Residential Phone:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:
PC 411 Reverse it!
Phone Number:
AnyWho Reverse it!
Telephone Number: 
People Business Both

*Tips: The online white & yellow pages are not the *end all* of available information. For example - I put in my own phone number to the 3 above services. PC411 did not find me at all. ANywho & Info Space did find my number, however the contact information was wrong on both counts! There is no way of knowing how often these *free* databases are updated. There is no way of knowing what they actually access.
My advice to you is this: If it is important to you to really know where someone is - get their current address - reverse a number that may or may not be unlisted (meaning it doesn't show up in a *free* search - then pay a professional to get you accurate information.
No Hit: No Fee! That is a win/win situation.

Area Codes for Everywhere Several 100-Thousand Toll-Free numbers Fone-Finder
Internet Address Finder Directory World-Wide Phone Directories
over 170 countries
Cell Phone numbers

Faster Internet Performance
Speed up your web surfing for Free! Fast & Easy & oh so much better!

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  • Anywho Email Directory

  • AT&T Phone Directory

  • Phone Prefix Locator

  • BigBook Business Directory

  • Business Search

  • Yellow Page Search

  • Bell South - Phone White Pages

  • Telnet to Net Find (this is Great) Log in as *netfind*

  • 411 Phone Locate

  • GTE SuperPages

  • Worldwide Telephone Directories

  • Infoseek

  • 800 Number Directory

  • Phone Finders (GREAT!!)

  • Telephone Area Code List

  • Internet Address Finder

  • WORLD Email Search form

  • U S WEST Yellow Pages

  • Unlisted Phone Numbers

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